Plus One Lyrics

Camouflage Lyrics

What is this force around me
Just like a tractor beam that
Is always pulling me down... and when
Ever I get the chance to
To spill my guts about you
It tries to tape up my mouth

What good am I
If I just keep you quiet
What good am I
If I don't speak, 'cause

I don't wanna be camouflage
What I'm not
'Cause what I got invades the world
I don't wanna be in a box
All I want
Is just to stop being

I'm sick of trying to blend
Thinking that I should fit in
Like I am somebody else... why do
I go against what I say
I come across like a fake
And keep you all to myself

It's not that I
Wanna shove it on somebody
It's just that I
That I can't hide

.:Repeat Chorus:.

I can't hide

.:Repeat Chorus:.