DMX Lyrics

Heat Lyrics

Uh yea yea
got you dogg

uh..arf arf arf..

The heat is on
are yall really ready to fly
The heat is on
are yall really ready to die
The heat is oonnnnn
have ya mutha ready to cry
The heat is on high,oh, you know

Verse one
The heat is on what's my next move
do I stick with the score, or get with the door
feds got the drop, in the back
of the uhaul, snipers on the roof
chance of gettin' away, to small
tell'em like this look, it's gone be
a shoot out, whoeva make it out
gone meet back at the new house
good luck, if I don't see you again peace
let's handle our business
wit the government ploice, you and you
go out the front, you take the back
you cover the first two
and I'll take the sac
Boomer didn't make it, neither did Stan
now it's three niggaz, splitin' four hundred grand (aight)
we all for the lost,but
enjoy the profit,
the game is the same,
and nuttin' gone stop it
most times you make it, one time you won't
all a nigga can you
is hide a vest under his coat (come on)

Chorus 2x

Verse two
me and my two mans,
gave money twenty grand, for a scam
they don't get the CONDO
in the sand, and
chances of gettin' caught
slim next to none, now we like three deep
need that extra gun
bump into my man, I remember from up North
I remember he HAD PRINCIPLES and wasn't nothin' soft
OFTEN the discuss, jus whus GOIN dizzy
everybody got it, aight let's get bizzy
run up in the bank bitch
(woman screams)hit the deck
yo bust money,and get the keys off his neck
(come here)
we on the clock, three mintues til we finished
feds are on the way, but I'm tryin to see spinach
in and out, duffle bag
ACROSS the back, extra large sport coat
to cover up the mac
feds made attack, I spit lead out
nigga's out, run up on a sivilian
in his car, made him get out

Chorus 2x

Verse three
high speed chasin', racin' thru the streets
deaths in the air, I can taste it
thru the heat, my partnas goin' fast
I don't think he's gone last
and if he don't, I'ma hit his wife
with his half, but that's tha TYPE
NIGGA I AM THIS AINT jus rappin, I made it, he didn't
but AY shit happen
what can I do, but go on livin'
fleein' from the condoe, I go on a ribbon
life goes on, that might sound wrong
but heeyyy, we all live
by the rules, of the games we play
day to day, death is a possiablity
the way I play, A VEST stops you from killin' me
it's too hot to be in the heat
cuz it's on, too hot to be in the streets
so I'm gone, go back to bein' discreet
and live long
til one day, either me or the heat
is gone
Chorus 2x

(car drives past)