Baby Aka The #1 Stunna F/ Lil' Wayne Lyrics

I Got To Lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Bitch look up in the sky it's the bird fucking man
Junior daddy - shitting on the game
You probably see me sitting on the Range
I'm hustling - look up in the sky it's a bird of some cain
Aye, I flip it twice and I serve in the game
Shout it "Ride fly, 20 birds on that thang"
I say shout it "Ride high dro burn my brain"
Gotta let a boy - I re-earn my thang
And my five pound germ might sing
A song - if you wanna sing say "Bling"
And if you ever see my pa say "King"
And if you ever see his son say "Weezy baby!"
New prints of the Big Easy baby
Ya'll niggas can't see me, but I see you lil Pha Pha baby
Ya dude can't lose - I'ma spread my wings and fly away brrrr!

Know why I stay so fucking fly?
Stay dipped in every kind of ice?
Big rims on every ride?
Cause I got to, I got to nigga

Live life you ain't gone live it twice
Pop 'cris, smoke dro, and get that white
Don't worry 'bout the price
Cause I got you, I got to nigga

It's the king of the flyer
That ride skinny tires
I'm so so high and I'm so so higher
Its me and Jr. that's so so fly
Fuck them other niggas cause they need to retire
We pluck polar bear winter on my side
Sitting on the swine - alligator punch-line
Super stitch in my leather - pockets full of cheddar
Smoke sticky, icky, icky, icky
We drank absolute cristal for breakfast
New whips come out - I puts it together
Tell you how I do it - I change my leather
No stock Blackwood with the foreign feathers
And German eyes with them Gucci sweaters
Bought mami the matching shit and plucked her feathers
I wipe it down bitch - bird lady forever
Birdman switch from Rees to (?) leather


She was a raggedy bitch, switched her up, cleaned her life
You no longer a scrub you the Birdman's wife
So don't you think twice about this mink and leather shit
You drive by the hood and bird shit on a bitch
Drive anything you want cause you the Birdman's bitch
Get anything you need and you roll with the clique
Go to the club and get a front row seat
Pop mo Don P just shit on a bitch
See your fly now mami - used to be a dirty bitch
Got all these hoes trying to ride your dick
You maintain mami - you never just wild out
That's why Stunna put you in that big ass house
With the German floors with the wood grain side
Mink on the door with the foreign G ride
(?) Bird berry Gucci be a surprise
No cost too high for my bitch to stay fly

[Chorus 1x fades to talking]