Westlife Lyrics

Story of Love Lyrics

This is the story of love
Let's make it last forever
You hold the words that mean so much
Let's make a vow together
When me world falls behind
I just look into those eyes
And see the story of love

Now is the moment
I've been waiting for
when dreams they come to life
No hesitation, only open doors
You pushed those doubts aside
Somehow you always feel
What's on my mind
Seems like this consequence
Came right on time


Running in circles
Felt like eternity
Indecision led my mind
But you hold the window to all remedies
And filled that space inside
Somehow you turned the page
To the other side
What was an empty place
Is now filled with life


No more illusions
Brought down and divide
With you, my baby
All my confusions pushed aside

(Chorus Acappella)