Wyclef Jean Lyrics

Gunpowder Lyrics

I asked my mother why do you cry?
She said your brother, he just died
Well I told him not to go outside
said he had to fight for his country's rights
but don't you know that Mo-MOTHER!
Don't you know that we can't stop the riot
NO..because the war is not over
until you can feel love, peace, and hear silence
But I smell gunpowder
My brother's been dead ever since
I didn't beleive it but when I saw him
I was convinced
Two shots to the head, he was already dead
Lord, I headed for revenge in the city of Port Au Prince
Screaming bro-BROTHER!
Zaire's gunporder
L.A's gunpowder
I wanna know why
Gentle people pray from day to day
but it's still the same way (2X)
But the preacher man told me
Good things come to those who wait
the good things come to those who wait
I wanna know tell me
Good things come to those who wait
the good thigs come to those who wait
we wanna now
Brooklyn's gunpowder, Shaolin's gunpowder
Uptowns gunpowder, Jersey's gunpowder
Even in New Zealand's gunpowder
Australia's gunpowder Princeton's gunpowder
Even in New haven's gunpowder
The Carnival....anything can happen