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Backthefuckoff Lyrics

So condescending...
I guarantee if you do not like me,
Then you won't like any of my friends,
Since our introduction,
You sensed my corruption,
And now think you know who I am,
Thing I've been through,
Never happended to you,
If they did,
Then you'd be where I stand,
So condescending,
The way you're pretending,
To care when you don't give a damn,

I get the feeling,
Sometimes that I'm Watching,
The end of the world,
Everyone has forgotten,
To see everthing,
From a new point of view,
For you're so narrow-minded,
That nothing concrens you,
I want to know,
Why you think that you're so perfect,
Everyone else is below,
See where they are,
And say thet're not as far,
As they could be,
If they weren't so slow,
You think of yourself,
They can't help what was dealt,
Cuz thier story is more than you know,
You'd realize if you saw through thier eyes,
That sometimes that's the way that life goes,

I'm sick of dealing with people like you,
Who are so quick to judge things,
And we are see through,
And you like to think that you already know,
The reasons why people have nothing to live for,

The one side that you wanna see,
Is on the other side of life so,
Backthefuckoff me,

Take back better retract,
For all the times that you said,
That everyone else slasked,
Wake up making the cut,
Does it mean that you mean to think,
That we don't suck,
See through people like you,
Who never think about the time,
In life that you go through,
So proud coming around,
Wouldn't be a thing to me,
To see you getting beat down,