Nicola Fountain Lyrics

Sexin' Be Vexin' Lyrics

Sit bak n watch how al these b!tches,be s**k!n der way from rags 2 riches,
get der victim on d bed,lay him down n giv him head.
He b screamin down The house,she ent sayin much,cos his d!ck in her mouth.
1st she take da time 2 s**k,getin her ready 4 him 2 f**k.
Nearly ova n wen its dun,its time 2 swallow all da c*m.
This is how dem boys r sik,getin cheap girlz 2 s**k they d**k,
easy b!tch she getin l!cked,den its his turn 4 da strip.
Bra strap undun n open wide,he gets a tour of wats inside.I
t realy f***!n p!**es me off,2 hear dem girlz b s***!n off,
Boys use girlz n girls use boys,finkin dey r cheap sex toys,
use her once n neva agen,until she t**s him off agen
.They do it n e where dey dont care,muthaf***!n filthy ho usin breres,
dirty pimpin slag lyk slutz,find a way 2 make a buck,
find sum man who realy buff,take him off n dey get ruff.
Go in der houses 2 xplore,next fing da clothes r on da floor,
all dey want is a qwik ride,cos dem girlz b only on da side,s**k em,f**k em n then chuck em,
1st dey sexin den dey vexin,it all comes down 2 1 fing ~ sex ~, after 1 week,which whore b next