Lil' Wayne Lyrics

Tha Block Is Hot Lyrics

Wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha

Straight off the block hoe
Vest in my hand trustin no man
Got my glock cocked
Runnin insane ya understand
They be screamin look whoa-day
I swear dem boys crazy
Holigrove nigga where I was raised in
They be bussin' heads hoe, runnin duckin feds hoe
Rocks under they tongues hoe, keys under their bed hoe
Good for them real soldiers 24-7 hustlers
Until we shove a barrel down ya pipe suckas
Aint no love for no busta
No fear for no coward
No respect for no slut
And no money without power
We keep them nggas hotter
Uhhhh, man sick amd sour
Pull up in an Eddie Bauer and glock on him every hour
Some of em' like that powder
holdin' up with their dreads
So stiff and some toot it up in their veins
From the home of the game
jackin and crackin brains
Broadcastin' live from the block is Lil' Wayne


Juvenile: Wodie you got that ya-yo?
B.G.: Then cut something for me.
Juvenile: Wodie you let them k's go?
B.G.: Then bust something for me.
Juvenile: You duckin' the law.
B.G.: You betta run from em' whoa-day.
Juvenile: Are you playin with that broad?
B.G.: Then won't you front something whoa-day.

Lil' Wayne:
The block is hot, the block is hot ha ha
The block is hot, the block is hot ha ha
The block is hot, the block is hot ha ha
The block is hot, the block is hot ha ha

Watch your step on my section
Gotta walk lite, and talk lite
You'll be shot out under the street light
So you can't see nobody's beats like
And we like to dress in all black in my residence
And we ain't got on no suits cause we ain't tryin' to be presidents
And ever since coke's been out
Niggas been on the trip ya'll
So you betta watch who ya playin with
Cause a nigga will try to flip ya'll
Then hit ya'll
Can ya'll
Then put a gun to your drug
Catch ya breath
No just catch a slug
It's street smarts dualing in niggas that keep spots
When the heat starts ain't nobody got sweethearts
Rollin with shorts
You could come try to cheap talk me
We cut ya weak shawt
Them lil' boys don't give a damn
Call out for the people hesitate to kill a man
Run in his house, kidnap a nigga and his fam
Tie them up and put them in the van
Stick a gag in his jaws
one move blow his khaki-ass off


Whoop! here come them people cause the block is hot
chicka-pow bust ya gun cause the block is hot
spuhh-chuu... cook it up cause the block is hot
say lil' whoa-day just hook it up cause the block is hot


My block on fire, baby my block burn
My block on fire, nigga what about churn