Eric Benet Lyrics

Something Real Lyrics

I just wanna do something real to you
Like a real brother is supposed to do
Just tell me how you feel baby
I'll give you something real baby

Let's not pretend I promise if we keep it real
Girl you will discover I'll give you pleasure like no other
It's very spiritual but also physical
Mere words can't tell you'll have to feel it for yourself

(Come on come on)
Because it's here, right here my dear
Something that makes you smile again
Something that takes all night and then
I'm going to be the one that's still here, right here my dear
The physical's only part of it
Give me a chance to show you a deeper love
Give you something real


Let me make this clear, I've been doing this for years
Now I understand what a woman needs from her man
Spending money on my baby, take a trip downtown and daily
I'ma drive you like Miss Daisy, ain't no nigga that can fade me

Baby I'm here, right here my dear
You don't even have to say a word
Your body is calling and I heard
I just wanna make sure baby I'm clear, I'm clear
We'll take it slow so you can feel
Every bit of all that I got to give
And it's all for real


Let me come inside tonight
I'll take you places only we two can find
I just wanna give you something you can feel
Because I know there's no one better
I'm just keeping it real