The Wallflowers Lyrics

Used To Be Luck Lyrics

Mine is a sunshine kind of a valentine
But sometimes I still don't feel even worth a dime
But it used to be different
Before I'd been where I'd been
You've got a heart so you know how it feels
When you can't move at the top of a ferris wheel
But I used to keep trying
But it always felt like dying

Sad, sad, everything has gone bad
In the dreams I've had
They all laughed at what I have
Oh no, tell me that it ain't true
When I wake I'm still me and I wish I could once be you
I used to be lucky
Till I spent some time with me

If losing is amusing
Man get a load of me
You see me falling in love with the guillotine
It used to be funny
To think you would think of me

I wish I could just take all my things and leave
But I'm falling down in the wheels of this machine
But it used to be something
to be nowhere with nothing