Rolling Stones Lyrics

Andrew's Blues Lyrics

Yes now Andrew Oldham sittin' on a hill with Jack and Jill (Jack and Jill)
Fucked all night and sucked all night and taste that pussy till it taste just right
Oh Andrew (yes Andrew) oh Andrew (yes Andrew)
Oh suck it Andrew (go on Andrew), fuck it Andrew (go on Andrew)
Oh Andrew (yeah) God! You really know this way around
(down down down down)

Well I said I wouldn't lay you baby, till the day that we would wed
But every time I kiss you, you know, I forget just what I said
Well well I let you keep it tonight if you hold me, hold it real tight
Oh oh Andrew (oh Andrew) oh oh Andrew (yes Andrew)
Come and get it, little Andrew, before sir Edward will take it 'way from you,
Little cunt Edward

Come on, get up little Andrew come on now
Huh huh I play the blues now, everybody, I play the blues
Huh fuckin'! the Rolling Stones are a great fuckin' group
What a lot of balls, Phil Spector is a lot of shit
I though Phil Spector was a lot of shit
But now I've heard the group, now I know their a lot of shit

That was fine
Got my Beatles shoes on and I'm too stripped to go
Oh Andrew (yes Andrew) oh Andrew (yeah)
Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah,
Listen Andrew, Phil, Rev. Lewis, the Rolling Stones, Phil Spector
Gene Pitney , birds, aldavis musical radios, birds

You know that Andrew has a walk with you baby,
Andrew has a talk with you baby
Now I know Andrew understood
That's what happen when the gettin' get good
Oh Andrew (ba ba) oh Andrew (ba ba)
Suck it Andrew (ba ba) fuck it Andrew (ba ba)

Edward where are you, Andrew is makin through
Andrew, shit