Too $hort Lyrics

Sample The Funk Lyrics


Short Dogg back in the house beeyatch!
And it don't stop to the beat
Ain't no thang but a chicken wing
We gonna do it like this one mo' time

Verse 1:

Straight from Oakland, California I'm back again
Short Dogg's on the mic 'bout to mack and pimp
We got flavor at the Dangerous Crew camp
Save ya money, can't use dem food stamps
Other crews like to sample and mix
But our crew, we just play that shit
live, drums, bass, keys
Niggas don't like it, you can get bees
stuck in the back of your throat
Fuckin with a pimp named Sir Too $hort
We coulda sampled the Luke but we didn't
I'd rather treat ya like a ho and start pimpin
When will you other brothers realise?
Can't fuck with my crew better feel your eyes
cos you must be blind if you can't see
And I'ma say this shit quite frankly
I give a fuck when freestylers step up
I don't do it, tell you 'bout it on the next cut
Cos right now we gotta feel the flow
and make sure we keep it real slow
Just like the motherfuckin Dangerous Crew
We gettin funky like it's 1972
Still puffin on them zags, dressed like pimps
and axe Ohio Players once again
can we sample the funk?

Y'know we don't wanna wear it out
We just wanna lil' piece, y'knowhati'msayin?
We ain't goin loopy, we're goin freaky
We gonna funk it track for track
Dangerous Crew style
Ant Banks let me flip this one more time
Ya ready?

Verse 2:

All you brand new rappers got a new flow
You ain't samplin James Brown no mo'
Probably try to sample cameo
Parliament Funkadelic, you scandalous ho
you stole it, Ossie Brothers, Bark Kays
Barry White, Isaac Hayes
Have you heard the term 'Sample Clearance'?
Start the nigga who wrote it, would never hear it
Now we're suin your ass for sure
Got'cha spendin all ya money cos you need a lawyer
You got problems and ya need ta solve em
Ya shouldn't of sampled wouldn't of had dem problems
If you'd have played your own shit
you wouldn't be broke, you woulda made ya long grip, bitch
But that's irrelevant now, my friend
cos they done wiped you clean like Ant Banks' Benz
Sittin on some three-piece AMG's
Better find you a sample, you ain't playin these
kinda beats, so funky make your fingers pop
If you can't find a sample you ain't got
not one damn thing for a nigga to ride to
But I been gettin funky since I was in high school
Growin up in that Bootsy's rubber band
In '76, seen a mothership land
Nothin but funk all in your face
I like to slow it way down in ass and bass
cos that's how we be layin tracks
Just flip the funky rhyme and start sayin raps
Get funky with Ant Banks, PeeWee, Shorty B
Father D, Dope D, Tony T
The motherfuckin Dangerous Crew
and that's the drop from the dime, we'll change the groove
just to sample the funk

That's right, PeeWee friggin the keyboards
Tony T on the drums, Shorty B on the bass
Ant Banks on the mixing boards, Short Dogg on the vocals

Verse 3:

Right now you know the story of Too $hort baby
First started rappin in 1980
I got more game than Monopoly
Now I'm makin money there ain't nobody stoppin me
Used to be local til I signed with Jive, man
Used to like to sample now I'm rollin with live band
Now that I finally did this shit
I'm makin one more album and then I quit
and only one thing could make me say I'm not
and that's one million dollars on the spot
Upfront cash, money, no compromise
No schemes, no scandals, don't front and lie
Just pay the man in full
Thirty years old, torch the bull
Ain't givin shit up but the funk
Let these record companies know what the fuck I want
Cos they been fuckin black folks right from the start
When you sign that line tear your ass apart
For every one you get they gettin five
Niggas gettin paid but it don't seem right
I know where I came from and know where I'm at
and my last two albums don't sound real bad
I'm Too $hort baby, I ain't no punk
I'm just askin 'Can I sample the funk?'
So can we sample the funk?


Yeah, you know what I'm sayin?
I'm talkin to George Clinton, Bootsy Collins
My nigga Suga Foot and Diamond from the Ohio Players
I'm talkin to James Brown
We know where the funk came from
Johnny 'Guitar' ????
To all y'all niggas, y'all can sample all you want
Here we go loopty-loo
cos the Dangerous Crew goin to get funky like this
Flip it!