Too $hort Lyrics

Blow Job Betty Lyrics

[Too $hort]
Right about now in the place to be
Too Short baby
Gettin real funky with the motherfuckin dangerous crew bitch
Too Short baby, I'm so hard
Pimpin these hos on the boulevard
But I'm not here to tell you about me
I got a little story about a nasty freak
She'd the kind a girl you think about in bed
Blowjob Betty give 'em real good head
Bust a left nut right nut in her jaw
Sperm on her cheeks is all you saw
She could blow more head than a well blows water
Blowjob Betty make your dick get harder
She's a one of a kind
A hell of a girl
A trip and a half around the world
Catch her gettin busy, bitch wouldn't stop
She's the kind a girl that make your toes pop
Every time I used to see her I would know what's up
Blowjob Betty better blow me up
I remember the day when I first met her
Bitch kinda loose so I knew I'd get her
Walked up to her, said my name is $hort
Just what you've been lookin for
Pimpin's my game
I do it the best
Ho fuck with me she don't get no rest
Well after that, I g'd the freak
I used to stop by and fuck her 'bout twice a week
And from the very first time I went to her house
Walked in the door and stuck my dick in her mouth
$hort dollar get bitches any time I wanna
Got a big dick and lay it right on the tonsils
I only stick it in about half way back
Cuz if I put it all in it bust straight through her neck
Niggas always sayin how they fucked that bitch
But I'm the only nigga that the bitch made rich
Like any other tramp, she loved to fuck
When any motherfucker got nuts to suck
I spit game to the bitch
Just like this
Why you runnin 'round suckin all that dick for no money?
It didn't take long to stay true to the game and get my pimpin' on
But every once in a while you get a stupid ho
Bitch ain't about money and she never know
How to get it
Blowjob Betty was dumb
A fiend for a fuck and a mouth full of cum
She made money for a minute but she loved the sex
So I cut the bitch loose like an old school 'vette
Six months later
I'm still the pimp
I'm still the player
One night at the club she was puttin in work
All you had to to do was step up to her
She was in the bathroom sayin "One at a time"
Wasn't my bitch but she still was fine
So I went in the back room, seen the bitch
Slapped her on the head, said "You ready to switch?"
And to the players out there, instantly
Blowjob Betty started servin' me
Cuz the player I am
Til the day I'm dead
I was sittin on the sink
Gettin some head
It was all so good and much too true
One young freak and the whole damn crew
But then I shot that fatal nut
Must 'a knocked that bitch on her butt
She couldn't even breath she was holdin her throat
Me and my homies just hit the door
My homeboys said "$hort don't worry"
But that next day I read this story
A young girl died just last night
She choked on sperm in her windpipe
It was on her face, her neck and chest
And we're sorry to say there's no suspects
When I saw that
My brain clicked
I bust a nut and killed a bitch
It might sound sick, it might be petty
But you never got sucked by Blowjob Betty
Betty (6x, fading)

Yea, ho...haha
Y'all niggas don't know though