Too $hort Lyrics

Anything Is Possible Lyrics

[Too $hort]
Album number 12
Short Dogg still in the house
I ain't going back into retirement
Life is......

Anything is possible try hard
It ain't logical fuck an obstical bitch
How can I make twelve albums
All them gold and platinums
and I am still clowin
It ain't hard
I used to be a broke nigga
Dreamin about brodes and smoking bigger
Dedicated to the rap game
Too $hort I know you know that name
2000 makes me a 20 year veterian
Still making money and I don't stop rapping
Thats my motto even if you niggas hit the lotto
You never could win not until I go
I know you squares can't hang with me
What you talking about you can't spit this game like me
Some of y'all suckers need to fall in love
And stay there and quit trying to be a player
Fuck around and fuck your life up
Or a tramp ass bitch with a nice butt
You should of went to collage
Got your degree and a job stop trying to be like me
It's too hard cause you don't even know this streets
And me I mack this hoes with need
See and you all you do is smoke that weed
She broke your heart and got you on your knees
But me I know how to treat a bitch
Fuck all that nice ass sweethard shit
Suck my dick now thats foreplay
Now I am about to fuck you on the floor in the doorway
Treat you like a hoe okay? you like that
Leave when I am finished and say I'll be right back
Bitch! you already knew what it was
Whats a dogg like me going to do with your love
I drive it down the street tied to my bumper
I don't care how find she is
I am trying to dump her
I already fucked her
You need to get on bitch and find you a sucker
Get married divorced and get half
Maybe you should reason with her before she gets mad
Or maybe my nigga you should slap that bitch
If not then you need to snatch that bitch
By the throught and let her know this is how it goes
Say whats on your mind, now she knows
Some of y'all ladies need to check your man
For acting like a bitch every time he gets a chance
Backslap him tell him shut up and stop crying
And stop all that wineing
Bitch ass nigga you need to buy yourself some business
and quit askin all them motherfucking questions
Ain't no slaves around here
Ain't nobody gettin payed around here
It's all true about this hoes and me
You ain't got no game you don't know what she needs
Lame than a motherfucker about this mack shit
Still letting bitchs monipulate your actions
When you going learn how to wear the pants
Try and give this real player rythem a chance
It's all about the money and feeding your family
If I am macking hoes and you can't stand me
Keep my name out your ????? mouth
You hate a player and I find out
I might fuck your bitch little sister or your momma
More than one time just to add to the drama
Give you something to talk about
Life long trick learn your mouth
Cause I don't stop macking and I am always rapping
I fucked your little sister but I was just praticing
Short little bitch I picked her up
Diggin this big ass dick in her gut
I let her walk the funny
Whats wrong $hort Dogg last night got his fuck on
And you was trying to hate me I got cha
I fucked your little sister nigga anything is possible

Too $hort

Back on the mircophone
$hort Dogg
Thats right beyeeeeeatch!
been in doing this way too long
20 years on the motherfucking mircophone
Yeah you know all the fucking gold and platinum
Anything is possible