Too $hort Lyrics

2 Bitches Lyrics

Pimp niggas don't pay a dime,
I'm fuckin 2 bitches at the same time
Then I hit the studio and I write a rhyme,
I Call it "Tramp Hoes Aint Hard to Find"

Verse 1:
I took 2 bitches to a hotel
I told em both "you know I won't tell"
Bitch, curiosity killed the cat
you gotta lick the clit while I hit it from the back
Don't be stingy girl, lick my balls too
You was talkin big shit when I called you
You said you never fucked another girl before
And you wanted me to help you so
Bitch, I took you down to the strip club
I told you "look around, who you wanna fuck?"
You picked thick chocolate, big booty, big tits
I told her she could have you, and this dick
She got so excited she got off work early
Jumped in the back and started lickin on my girlie
I couldn't get home fast enough
Now its time to fuck


Verse 2:
When we got to my room she started actin nervous
Sat down and said "lets order room service"
I said "bitch, what are ya smokin?
A big fat dick comin from East Oakland"
I stuck it in her mouth she started moanin
I said "hang up, get off my telephone, bitch"
I put the game down immediately
I'm a vet from the town started freakin them freaks
And once they started, they couldn't stop
I fuck em for awhile then I kick back and watch
Two bitches at the same time
And neither one of these hoes is mine
I don't give a fuck I'm a player
I been doin this for years, I got bitches everywhere
You think I'm payin hoes? You got the game distorted
You a trick, mad cause you can't afford it


Verse 3:
Them bitches kissed 20 minutes straight non-stop
Strip girl on the bottom, lil momma on top
It was beautiful, you know what happened next
Spent 20 more minutes lickin each others breasts
Two titty suckin hoes, navels and toes
Bitch rolled her on her stomach, licked her asshole
I was smokin on a fat one, layin in the cut
After seein this shit, I aint wanna fuck
I wanna see how long they can keep goin
I don't know, I fell asleep on 'em
When I woke up I was gettin my dick sucked
These hoes horny as fuck, they can't get enough
I was fuckin them sluts till the sun came up
Nut in both their mouths, you ever done that stuff?
Dog baby, this shit aint really nuthin to me
You better handcuff your ho or I'll be fuckin your freak, nigga


Sing it, pimp niggas don't pay a dime
I'm fuckin 2 bitches at the same time,
Fuckin 2 bitches at the same time
Let em know pimp niggas dont pay a dime, bitch
Hit the studio and write a rhyme
These tramps aint hard to find nigga
2 Bitches
2 of em